About Maboneng


Maboneng is a destination on the eastern side of Johannesburg's business district offering retail stores, entertainment venues and restaurants mixed with residential, office and industrial spaces that appeal to a wide variety of people and businesses. With its beginning in art, Maboneng has evolved into a collaborative hub of culture, business and lifestyle that entices curiosity, encourages exploration and promotes a sense of urban togetherness.

A creative take on history, architecture, art and nature, as well as a place for people to proudly call home, Maboneng is the epicenter of the Jo'burg inner-city renaissance.

Submerse yourself in a place alive with vibrant culture, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong sense of community. Live, create and collaborate in a secure neighbourhood with a vision and future unrivalled among the urban set. Visit www.mabonengprecinct.com for more information.